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Introducing Afoodible

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Our mission

Our mission at afoodible is to make it as easy as possible for you to waste less and save more.


We tend to purchase more than we need and throw away our food too readily - with afoodible you can keep an eye on your food wherever you are. With this fridge-in-your-pocket you can easily push expiry dates, share food and generate recipes to reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainability doesn't have to be boring and helping the environment need not be costly, in fact, we can help you save money along the way.



Adding Ingredients
-Get started any way you want-

To add your food to your virtual fridge simply:

  • Scan your shopping receipt

  • Input your food via voice recognition

  • Scan individual items via barcode scanner

  • Manually input those individual items

  • Add items directly from your shopping list

Generate Recipes
-Get Inspired-

Once you have stocked up your fridge you can:

  • Search through personalised recipes based around the items that are expiring soonest

  • Try something new with the food you have in the fridge

  • Create a shopping basket around the recipes you want to try

add a shared fridge
-swap food with friends & Family-

Add your friends to a shared fridge to be able to:

  • Send items of food when your're away for the weekend

  • Make joint meals with your housemates

  • Share the cost of communal items of food

Food Facts

Keep on top of expiry
-Your fridge in your pocket-

    With our simple-to-use interface you can:

  • Look in your fridge without opening the door

  • Identify expiring food in a heartbeat

  • Extend the life of foods you think can last longer

    Never overpurchase at the supermarket again!

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